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A liquid lunch has never been easier June 14, 2007

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liquidlunch.jpgVia Liquor Snob, I found this awesome mobile martini set called Liquid Lunch for 2, and while I’m a little worried that Amazon is billing it as a “great wedding gift” it looks like handy idea for picnics or any BYOB party. A portable bar is a cool idea, as not everyone wants to always drink beer or wine at a potluck. If you love making cocktails, why not it’s portable and you can look like 007 when you open up the silver case.

The fact that they named this case the liquid lunch is pretty hilarious. I don’t know about you, but the 3 martini lunch certainly wouldn’t fly around my office, and I work with a bunch of laid back programmers and tech types.

Now all the need to create is another case for you to cart around your booze.


tools of the trade: a trusty citrus juicer April 9, 2007

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citrus-juicer.jpgI’m as lazy as the next person when it comes to making cocktails, and while I love to experiment, I always hope that my boy will offer to mix anything a little bit complicated. Up until recently, every time I made even one of my old standards like a gin & tonic, I would use bottled citrus juice. It’s very handy, and while I’m not giving up on my RealLemon and RealLime completely, I’m now a convert of pressing my own citrus.

The reason for my change of heart – my spanking new lime squeezer bought during a recent trip to Vancouver institution The Gourmet Warehouse (seriously if you live here or are coming to town, go out of your way to visit this place, you will find almost any kitchen tool or ingredient you need, and some that you wouldn’t even know what to do with).

The Amco lime squeezer is a sturdy enamel coated aluminum hand juicer that comes all the way from Mexico. While Amco sells separate juicers for each different type of citrus fruit, we’ve been using this one for both lemons and limes. With larger fruits I’m still going to have to pull out my old Vive Cuervo sombrero shaped juicer, kindly donated to me by my brother. Gin & tonics taste even better with a bit of fresh squeezed lime, next up margaritas!