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Pedro’s Festivus Holiday Rumtini!! December 20, 2007

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So although we’ve been slack at posting since the summer, our dear friend Pedro has asked that we share his holiday miracle cocktail – Pedro’s Festivus Holiday Rumtini. Pedro’s sheer enthusiasm for tasty beverages is the inspiration for this fantastic twist on eggnog. He’s made it tastier and more fresh than you’ve ever had it before. Take time to pull out the shaker and a juicer (or in his case an improvisation with the garlic press) and enjoy. Pedro also cautions that all quantities in this recipe are approximate and that you should experiment at will.

And now, the ladies of Liquor and Libations bring you…

Maui_fall 2007 065



– 4 ounces dark rum – nothing too acidic.The poorer the country and better the packaging, the better.
– 6 ounces fresh squeezed (sweet) tangerine. In the boxes. Yumtini !! I use my garlic press. If it’s clean it won’t affect the taste.
– 6 ounces festive holiday nog. Soy nog can work also for vegerans and anti-lactite hermaphrodites.
– 1 splash of lime cordial. Sweet.
– 1/4 cup fresh strawberries. Or not fresh. Sweet.

Shake heartily in a martini shaker (perhaps shrink quantities by 80%, add 19 of your favourite albums of 2007, and voila! Pedro’s Festivus Holiday Rumtini.

Hope you all have a fabulous holiday season with those you know and love.


One Response to “Pedro’s Festivus Holiday Rumtini!!”

  1. Pedro Says:

    I discovered after-the-fact that the drink really only works with soy-nog… real eggnog tends to curdle. That’ll teach me for marrying into lactose intolerance.

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