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vodka flavored vodka April 3, 2007

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Some of the best marketing I’ve seen in awhile comes from Reyka Vodka, Iceland’s first and only vodka.

“In Iceland we like to drink vodka, because we like the taste of vodka… some countries like to drink the flavored vodka, but here in Iceland, if you want the taste of banana, you just eat a banana. so the only flavored vodka we make, is vodka flavored vodka.”

There are three fantastic ads from Reyka currently posted on YouTube – the actress is awesome and the black and white animation is lovely and whimsical. One of the videos even includes a cartoon puffin humping the her leg – hilarious!

Via Notcot.


2 Responses to “vodka flavored vodka”

  1. bella Says:

    Who is the girl!

    She is great!

  2. liquorandlibations Says:

    I know, I love her too!

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