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peroni is tasty April 2, 2007

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peroni.jpgPeroni is a light, crisp premium pilsner from Italy. Established in Vigevano Italy in 1846 by Fransico Peroni, the beer is still brewed in Italy to the original recipe from 1963. Also marketed as Nastro Azzurro, meaning Blue Ribbon in Italian, it fits right at home with other European lagers you’re probably already drinking.

If you like Stella Artois or Heineken, next time you’re out, give Peroni a try. It’s a nice, tasty easy drinking beer. The beer & wine store below my apartment usually has it in stock, making it, along with Mexico’s Negra Modelo, one of my standard purchases.

According to their slogan, Peroni is Italy’s #1 beer, but since it’s the only Italian beer I’ve ever seen on the shelf here in Canada, and because I spent my one visit to Italy savouring the country’s wonderful wines, I’ll just have to take Peroni’s word for it.

For more information on Peroni, check out their site (beware, it’s Flash-tastic!)


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