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this food, that wine March 30, 2007

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wine-that-loves_2.pngFrom the always brilliant Tastespotting, I came across Wine That Loves. If you’ve ever stood at the liquor store wondering which wine to pair with your salmon or steak, this company takes the guess work out of it for you. With bottles called “wine that love pizza” and “wine that loves roasted chicken”, the emphasis is placed squarely on wines that play well with food.

From their company site:

The wines are designed to pair with the foods Americans enjoy most often and to reflect American tastes. They are tailored to food lovers, but their world-class quality, distinctive character and winning style also will delight wine aficionados.

As long as they don’t go so far as to reflect American tastes for fast food (Jimmy Dean pancake wrapped sausages on a stick anyone?), this is a nice idea for someone wanting to try something new, and offers solid suggestions for those intimidated by choosing a wine. The packaging is pretty cute too.


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